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Israel is a country of wondrous contradictions: The North has tall mountains and lush valleys. The South and East are mostly desert with an extreme climate to match. Despite its relatively small size, it offers an unimaginable wealth of natural landscapes and historical treasures, as well as a rich cultural heritage. Our tour will take you through the forested mountains, fertile valleys, colorful deserts and beautiful coastlines. Archaeological sites are spread across the landscape, echoing famous names and momentous events in world history to areas of religious significance to all.

This unforgettable tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with precious memories and moments to cherish.

Tour Schedule

Saturday - Arriving to Ben Gurion international airport .transfer to the hotel in Tel Aviv.
Welcome drink at the reception.
Evening - meeting with the Road Captain of the tour.
Diner at the hotel.

Sunday – Our tour begins in Tel Aviv, “The city that never sleeps.” From here we will ride South, enjoying the scenery as it changes from a lush green to the colors of wild desert and then exploding into brilliant colors as we ride through the Ramon Crater, a unique geological phenomenon. From here we will ride through the moon valley to the Arava road and its breathtaking landscape until we reach Israel southern city of Eilat.

Monday – You will have a relaxing day in the city of Eilat, enjoying a day on the beach and the attractions of the Red Sea. There will be an optional bus trip to Petra, the Red City of Jordan.

Tuesday – Heading north on the Arava road, we will arrive at Masada, the legendary fortress overlooking the Dead Sea where Jewish rebels chose death rather than surrender to the Roman Empire. From here we will continue to the healing waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth.

Wednesday – Leaving the Dead Sea behind, we will start our climb from -410 meters below sea level to Jerusalem. On the way, we will visit St. George Monastery and proceed to Ein Mevoa and reach the Holy City at the observation post at the 7 Archers Hotel, overlooking the Mount of Olives and offering a magnificent view of the Old City. After arriving at the hotel, resting and enjoying a nice dinner, we will take part in a night tour of the city.

Thursday – We will spend the day touring the holy city of Jerusalem with a specially qualified guide, who will take us through the city’s holy places – an unforgettable spiritual and educational experience.

Friday – In the morning we will depart Jerusalem and head north to visit Mount Tavor and proceed from there to the city of Nazareth. We will continue northeast for a spectacular tour around the Sea of Galilee with an overnight rest at the city of Tiberias.

Saturday - Our last day of the riding will begin in Tiberias, then heading to the North of Israel , to Kiryat Shmona, and the northern road. From there we will head west to Rosh Hanikra, a fascinating spot overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with its unique calcareous caverns. We will then turn south to the historic city of Acre, continue to Haifa (visits to the historic German Colony and the spectacular Bahai Gardens), finishing with a late arrival to Tel Aviv, where we will wrap up and a have a group farewell.

Sunday - On the morning we'll take the " Red Bus" sightseeing tour of Tel Aviv.
The rest of the day - free in Tel Aviv .
Depart from Ben Gurion airport


People     Vehicles    Rooms     Price


1                       1                 1          5990$


2                       1                 1          6550$

2                        2                1          8880$


What's included:
*7 day Harley Davidson (Sportster) rental, unlimited mileage .
*Accommodations: 8 nights at 3*- 4* selected hotels.
*Meals: 8 Israeli buffet breakfast (8 days), light lunch on route (8 days) , 8 dinners
*Expert Road Captain leading the tour.
*Support vehicle for additional luggage.
*Parking and entrance fee on route.

 What's not included :
**Transportation from airport to the hotel V.V


Optional :
*** For booking Harley Davidson Dyna – additional $260 for tour.
*** For booking Harley Davidson Softail – additional $390 for tour.
*** For booking Harley Davidson Electra Glide – additional $690 for tour.
***Accommodation-If you need assistance with hotel booking, don't hesitate to contact us

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